OW’s vs Daventry 3

The top of the table clash for the season so far and both teams are going to try and pull out all the stops to win this one.

Daventry 3 lined up:

1. Stewart Williams

2. David McQuillan

3. Stephen McQuillan

4. Terry Welbourne

5. Gerry O’Donnell

Gerry got us underway making his debut appearance for the 3rd team this season playing at 5th string. His opponent was Mike Shakespeare from the top of league giants. Mike took the first game 9-5, only for Gerry to return the favour in 2nd game winning 9-5. With the match at 1-1 Gerry looked in the match and commanding his opponent. Gerry ploughed his way into a 2-1 lead with a convincing 9-3 win in the 3rd. Mike had it all to do in the 4th and fought out a close battle which took them to 8-8. Set 2 was to be played and Gerry took the game 10-9 and the match 3-1. Well done that man.

Terry played at 4th string against an experienced Rhonnie Lawson. This was Terry’s first game at 4th string and played very well. Rhonnie took the first game 9-6, only for Terry to return the favour in the 2nd game winning 9-6. The match is now at a stalemate, which player could find a way past his opponent next. This time it was to be Rhonnie taking the 3rd game 9-3. Terry with an uphill battle came on with a positive mind in the 4th game and found himself at the winning end of a 9-1 game. 2-2, anyone could win. Rhonnie with his experience took the match 3-2 winning the 5th 9-3. For the first time Terry playing at 4th string, proved himself impeccably.

Steve played at 3rd string against Paul Webber which was to be another battle of the captains. The first 2 games all being very close both went to 10. Steve winning the first 10-8 only for Paul to 10-8 in the second game. Steve lost his head mid way through the 3rd game after a snapped string. A borrowed racket later found himself at the back end of a perfect 9-0 game. Paul leading 2-1 seemed confident to take the match. A close 4th game some Paul claim victory with Steve losing his first game of the season 9-6. Paul wins 3-1.

Dave played at 2nd string against OW’s most youthful opponent Dan Arden. Dave playing well as of late, lost the 1st game in a close encounter with Dan taking the spoils 9-7. If we thought this game was close the next was right down to the wire with Dan finding an edge on Dave taking the game 10-9. The pace slowed a little only for Dan to take the 3rd game 9-4 and Dan winning the match 3-0.

Stewart played at 1st string after a week off. Pressure was off as Daventry slumped to a successive defeats in the 3rd Division. Martin Pope was to entertain Stewart and did just that. Martin winning the first game 9-5 showed all the signs of a match winner. Stewart carried on battling for the second game to be 9-6 to Martin. Uphill from here for Stewart. However, managed to pull a game back winning 9-5 in the 3rd. 2-1 down, still determined, Martin took the match in a close battle 9-7, winning the match 3-1.

Daventry 3 lost 2 games in a row, 1 at home, 1 away. The only way is up from here. Dallington have the pleasure of entertaining Daventry for the evening next week as Daventry call upon their original 5 for kick start into their winning ways. Next week being the last game before the Christmas period. It would do the team good sending them into the holidays with a much needed victory.

Man of the Match would have to go to Gerry. Making his debut for the team at 5th string showing the 3rd team lads how to earn three points. These proved to be much needed points later on, for that thank you.