Daventry 3 vs Saints 2

The fifth game of the season got underway with Daventry sitting 2nd with a 100% win record and Saints doing well having only lost once.

The team set out as follows:

1. Simon Kember

2. David McQuillan

3. Stephen McQuillan

4. James Rogers

5. Lee Parkinson

Lee kicked us off at 5th string making his second appearance in the 3rd team this season. Lee started strong in the game of Lee's playing Lee Morris taking the first game 9-4. He carried his momentum taking the next two games 9-2 and 9-5 winning 3-0. Lee maintains a 100% record for the 3rd team.

James Rogers played at 4th string and struggled against Sam Swift in his debut for team squash. James got off to a torrid start losing the first game 1-9. Things started to pick up for him but was unfortunate to lose the second game 6-9. James came back on a determined man in the 3rd and won the next two games to bring the match level with a 9-5 and a 9-7 wins. The fifth and final game was close but James couldn't make ends meet losing 6-9. James losing 2-3 on the night leaving Daventry 5-3 up at this point.

Steve played at 3rd string in the match of captains playing against Paul Smith who made his first appearance in team squash this season. Steve determined to maintain his 100% record this season took the first game 9-6 and things got better from here as he continued his rout and took the following two games 9-4 and 9-2. Steve took the game 3-0 leaving Daventry in a commanding 8-3 lead.

Dave played at 2nd string and played very well. The first game went to set 2 leaving his opponent, Mark Yates with an 8-10 win. The quality of squash was at a high level but Dave was unfortunate to make ends meet as he lost the 2nd game 4-9. Dave needing to climb a mountain now came back out to win the 3rd with a convincing 9-2 win. Mark stormed into an early lead in the 4th and took the game 2-9. Dave losing 1-3 leaving Daventry 9-6 ahead.

All goes down to the final game and Simon is to play Russell Bassett in the 1st string game. Simon took an early lead with a 9-7 win. Russell took the next game 6-9 continuing his rout into the 3rd game 9-1. Simon did well and pulled back the 4th game with another 9-7 win. Fifth and final game and all to play for. Simon unfortunately fell at the final hurdle losing 3-9.

Daventry 3 losing 11-12 to Saints 2.

Man of the match performance tonight I feel goes to Lee Parkinson who continued his 100% win record for the 3rd team with a second consecutive win in as many appearances.

Daventry unfortunate on the night however losing with 11 points will still do well for the team. This should still leave us in second position in the league. Daventry play visitors to top of the league OW's next week for the key battle of the season so far.

We were unlucky tonight boys but we put in a good performance regardless.