3rd Team News and Match Reports

Daventry 3 vs Lings 3

A bit of a change at 5th string tonight allowing Lee Parkinson to play for Daventry 3rd team for the first time. The team line up was as follows:

1: Stewart Williams

2: David McQuillan

3 Stephen McQuillan

4 James Rogers

5 Lee Parkinson

Lee and James started the night off playing at 5 and 4. Lee had a torrid first game against up and coming junior Emily Westall (14 years). Lee quickly found himself on the backfoot losing the first game 4-9. A little bit of a team talk and Lee went back out for the second game. This time only to find Lee had completely transformed his game and took the 2nd game in a closely won battle 10-9. With the match at 1-1, it looked like it could go either way. Lee took the 3rd game with a convincing charge through points at 9-3. Went on to take the victory with a 9-5 win in the 5th leaving Lee 3-1 winner and claims a win on his 3rd team debut. Well done son.

James took to the court playing Steve Boaden and had a very tight first game leaving James the winner 9-7. James looked like he quickly found his feet after this and went on to win 9-3 in the second. Steve had an uphill battle and struggled through the 3rd. James not letting his opponent get close to his game took the 3rd game 9-2. James took his 3rd victory of the season with a 3-0 win and a 100% win record for this year so far. This left Daventry in a very promising position going into the final 3 games.

McQuillan’s took to the courts.

Steve playing at 3 was up against Lings captain Mark Smith in a battle of the captains. Steve got off to a dominating start not letting his opponent get close taking the 1st game 9-1 and continued this rout into the 2nd game winning 9-0. However Mark quickly found himself 7-3 up in the 3rd. Steve produced a come-back to win the 3rd game 9-7 and the match 3-0. Also maintain his 100% win rate for this season.

Dave, who has been having a torrid time at 2 as of late went on court with Ling’s Mark Pountney in which was a very closely fought battle. Mark took an early lead with a close 7-9 game. Dave went back out totally dominant in the 2nd game winning 9-4. The match at 1-1. Could go either way. Mark took the 3rd game with another tight affair 8-10. Dave on the back foot going into the 4th game knowing he must win this game to stand a chance of a victory dominated the game 9-2. He went back on for the 5th and final game and continued his rout beating Mark 9-3. Winning the match 3-2. Dave celebrated his first win of the season and he looked happy about it.

Stewart went on the for the final game against a lively looking Mark Linieres at 1st string. The first game was very close game, involving nothing but killer shots. Stewart claimed the game with a 10-8 win. Stewart went back on for the second game and totally dominated his opponent 9-3. Leaving the final game in Stewart’s hand for a maximum 18 points for Daventry on the night. Stewart smashed his way home to a 9-2 win. Winning the match 3-0 also maintaining his 100% record for this season.

Leaving the final score at Daventry 3 18-3 Lings 3.

Man of the Match goes to Dave McQuillan for taking his first win of the season and producing the goods in a 5 game thriller. Also helping Daventry on their way to maximum of 18 points.

The team maintain their 100% winning streak and look to maintain their run against Saints 2 next week.