2nd Team News and Match Reports

Week 3

Daventry 2 v Kettering Rugby 1

1: Nick Murley

2: Keith Morgan

3: Andy Machin

4: Danny Carty

5: Ben Smallwood

This was our second home game of the season and the first time we fielded a changed side.

Retaining top spot was Nick, with Keith again at 2, Andy and Danny were pushed up a spot each to allow Ben to make a season debut at 5!

Kicking off the night was Ben and Danny.

Ben; having had a fairly lengthy absence from the Team scene wanted to make an instant impression showing there was competition for places in this team. And got off to a flying start taking the first 2 games with what seemed relative ease; 9 – 3 and 9 – 1. Did he think he had this match in the bag? Did he take his foot off the gas? Was he just over confident!? Who knows but the following 2 games went the oppositions way … too many loose shots were punished by Nick, who (as he liked to remark on court) given half a chance would “punish” Ben … 3 – 9, 6 – 9 to Nick … this was setting up the final game nicely!! Game 5, 2 a piece – handshakes and humour done, onto the game. Ben burst out of the blocks and strode to a 7 – 0 lead … had he just been toying with his opponent in the previous 2 games!? Nick managed to claw a few points back but the damage was done; Nick was a broken man and Ben strode on to claim the game 9 – 3 and the match 3 – 2. Easy really ;-)

Danny on the other hand made short work of his opponent. Making up for previous weeks results, his hard work paid dividends as he hardly let his opponent get a sniff. The first game being the closest (was he still warming up!?!) at 9 – 6. But he strode on to win comfortably the following 2 games 9 – 1 in each! Good lad Dan, maybe you should be playing higher up the rankings each week!

Andy and Keith were on court next. And this was a display of sportsmanship Vs. gamesmanship in both games, but never more prevalent than in Keith’s match.

Andy was playing a wily player … who’s antics seemed better suited on Strictly than the squash court … throwing a hip out here and hip out there, here a hip, there... you get the point! I don’t think anyone had seem hips like that since Shakira’s last video!! Andy started well, a high tempo and some good shots but unfortunately couldn’t take the first game. 5 – 9 to Phil. The second game proved to be a mirror of the first; Andy getting the better of Phil, 9 – 5. A game apiece. The 3rd game went down to the wire; 8 all and a set 2 call … Phil managed to edge it however 8 – 10. This seemed to be a catalyst for Phil who stormed into a commanding lead in the 4th game, but Andy rallied and got back into it, but alas proved too little too late and he lost it 4 – 9. Still 1 team point is 1 team point; and every little helps (sponsored by Tesco … )

Keith’s game transpired to be influenced by the seasonal celebrations and what a fire cracker it was, with sparks flying everywhere!!! Fully aware of his opponents reputation on court (nice enough bloke off court, when he stays around long enough!), Keith wasn’t relishing this tie … and that was probably the understatement of the night!! During the first game Keith received a whole collection of bruises; Rob, it seemed, was unaware that this is a non-contact sport!! Rob’s tactics (whether fair or not) were working as Keith failed to get a grip on the game and lost it 3 – 9. Now knowing what to expect Keith went back on court with more vigour and won the following game 9 – 4. The 3rd game started to show some “frayed threads” as tempers raised…a close game going to 8 all and a set 2 call…Keith unfortunately couldn’t overturn it and Rob took the game 8 – 10. Another mirror game followed, 8 all again, another set 2 call, but this time Keith’s clinical squash saw him tie the game at 2 all as he won 10 – 8. The final game … and this is where the proverbial really hit the fan, making a mess all over court … not literally mind you! Some say there was a “dodgy” call … other’s say it was a Let … to be honest, without video playback and in depth analysis I don’t think we’ll ever truly know if Danny was the “cheating b@%tard” that Rob made out he was … one things for sure, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back, or more accurately the racket that “almost” broke the court floor and ceiling in one deft … deft, hum maybe not … Thunderous … nah, ah…yes Petulant is the word I’m looking for, throw down!!! Thankfully Keith took the game 9 – 4 much to Robs disgust; who rushed off court (at first we thought to get a ladder to retrieve his racket from the roof) that being the last we saw of him that evening as he wheel spun out of the car park, and with that the match and the Team had secured another vital victory, with still Nick to play to hopefully increase our points count. Well done Keith, looking forward to the return game!??

Nick’s game, not really a formality at this point as Keith was still battling on simultaneously, was set up to be a cracker. The young Alex looked to have a good touch, and brimmed with ability. This coming to fruition early in the first game as he strode to a 0 – 7 lead. Nick, who may have done with a bit longer to warm up and remember which end of the racket to hold, did now decide to compete in this game. And clawed the score back to 7 all … twas but too little too late once again and the overly exuberant Alex took the game 7 – 9. Upon doing so however he let out a roar of excitement, not whole appropriate for a squash court … but hey. One must learn to curbs ones enthusiasm in these situations; as all it did was fuel Nicks passion and desire to teach the little tyke a lesson!!!  a very close game followed, which went to 8 all, and a set 1 call (good lad Alex, if you can’t win it in 1 point etc. etc…). He didn’t however, Nick did to tie the match. Nick, now well and truly on his game, took his opponent to the sword in the following game, not relenting for a second and a convincing, and what could prove to be a demoralising win, 9 – 0. Where’s your roar of confidence now Alex!? Into the 4th game, Nick comfortably into his stride, and Alex reeling from that heavy blow couldn’t get back on track, as Nick strode out a 9 – 3 winner! 3 – 1 to Nick, another 3 points for Daventry.

The final score a convincing 16 – 8 victory.

Well done lads, a worthy victory. Next week a trip to fellow league leaders Lings, whom top the group over us on points difference after also not losing a game yet this term … let’s try and change that shall we!!!