2nd Team News and Match Reports

Week 2

Club Diana 4 Vs. 2nd Team

This week was an unchanged side to the previous week:

1: Nick Murley

2: Keith Morgan

3: Ryan Swadling

4: Andy Machin

5: Danny Carty

After a few “logistical” issues the boys turned up en mass; Ryan I think had done a few hours of practice whilst he waited for his team mates!

Danny was thrown on court to get the evening underway – up against the crop of the county’s youth, Danny certainly had experience on his side; but would this be enough to get a result!? It was evident to see from the off that he was playing better than the previous week, and his opponent liked to berate himself for every missed shot / point dropped. A close first game saw Danny come off court losing 9 – 6. This gave his opponent confidence and plagued by unforced errors in good positions Danny lost the following game without getting a point. 2 games down; Danny returned to court with the bit between his teeth, determined not repeat the result of the previous game. Alas the result was the same, the score being closer at 9 – 7 though. Unlucky Dan.

Andy had already began his match and was enthralled in a tight first game. Up against Diana’s captain, the young Declan. Together they put on some very enjoyable rallies; but Andy was unable to break the opponents resolve and lost the 1st game 9 – 7. Things didn’t get any better (result wise) although the quality of the squash on display stayed at a very high level. Andy lost the following match 9 – 1, and then the 3rd game 9 – 0. Some could say he should work on his short game … who said that!? :-)

So 2 down, Diana taking a commanding lead 6 – 0; Daventry needed a result to stay in the match.

Queue Ryan. Now Diana had fielded 2 youngsters in their first 2 games, now it was our turn to fight fire with fire. As mentioned earlier, Ryan had got there early enough to probably play 3 matches, with a warm up and down in between…primed and ready he went on to face his opponent, this time the age advantage in Daventry’s favour. Game 1; Ryan seemed a little tentative at first, but won the game with ease 1 – 9. Even so he came off court upset at his quality in the drop shots he was producing. Some people are just never happy!!! The second game was a little closer but Ryan’s confidence was growing and was clearly evident from the gantry. A 5 – 9 win, and a 2 nil lead. The 3rd game saw Ryan working through the gears; more outstanding squash as he cruised to a 0 – 9 win. Daventry were back in the match!!!

As it stood we were still 6 - 3 down … but now the big boys were warming up and ready to roll!!!

Keith went on first; and although he had to stay focused ( so he claims) went out and decimated his opponent!!! Cool, calm and collected he strode through the first 2 games not giving his opponent anything; not a sniff, nada. 18 love and 2 games to the good, he took to the court for the 3rd game. It started as the others had, 1 – love, 2 – love … then disaster struck!!! Hand out … The server came over, Keith returned, his opponent retrieved, and Keith hit the tin!!! 1 – 2 … what the ^&*! … Well that’s as long as the comeback lasted. Keith swiftly took charge again and went on to claim the match; 3rd game ended 1- 9.

Even steven’s at 6 a piece…what we needed was a stellar performance from our number 1.

Nick went on court, and his opponent, whom had just marked Keith’s game, muttered “now you’ll see a 27 – love game! Filled with self-confidence then … things looked good for us before even a ball had been hit in anger! Knowing that Keith had just won with ease and the teams tied; the weight of expectation sat on Nicks shoulders. It wasn’t to be though, as game 1 went to Nick 3 – 9, the second was back on course at 0 – 9, and the third 1 – 9. I mean I’m not complaining, the result was exactly what we needed … but expectations had been set!!! Maybe Nick could also work on his short game … Andy? ;-)

Five 3 – love matches; and a victory for Daventry 12 – 6; Team 2’s 100% start to the season maintained. We even out stayed the home team in the pub afterwards … to be honest though I think most of them left to go and get some food after Andy ate all their chips!!!

A big thanks to each of the guys once again.